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I cream my panties for boys that look like this
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I cream my panties for boys that look like this

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Sep 12, 2014

My day just isnt complete if my roommate doesnt comes sulking through the door after class with the most displeased look on her face professing her hate for life before proceeding to take a nap

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Sep 10, 2014

So today on campus there was a man lecturing people on the sidewalk on how feminism is a sin…

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Y’all for real, I’ll order anyone a pizza.
-1 pizza 4rm a chain pizza store
-Anywhere in the US
-Ends Sept/13/2014 
-100% On me.

You don’t have to be following me but I wouldn’t mind if you did.
Reblogs count, likes don’t.
I’ll pick a winner randomly at 11:59pm 9/13/14 EST
Any questions, just message me bbys

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Sep 3, 2014

I dont care if its only for tonight its such a relief knowing I can be happy and knowing that someone else can still give be butterflies I know it doesnt mean anything but knowing someone thats not you can make me feel the way you did gives me so much hope and I think im finally letting go


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That’s just it, I loved you selfishly. I wasn’t addicted to how you made me feel; I was addicted to how I made you feel. I loved knowing I could turn you on, I loved knowing I made you do things you’ve never done before, making you feel things you’ve never felt before, being the reason you changed, the reason for your smile, I loved being the one who gave your life meaning. when you left it hurt, I felt empty, not because I missed you, but because, you showed me that I didn’t mean a damn thing to you, and every day that you’re gone I crave the satisfaction being the light in your life gave me. It wasn’t the lies or the cheating or all the other shit you put me through that hurt the most, the fact that I couldn’t be what you needed is what broke me.
lonely nights
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